For Dreamers and Escapers

The Beach House is a cool place to hang out and enjoy the feeling of a pacific island in a small, friendly hostel right on the beach. You can relax on the beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean with panoramic views of volcanic White Island and Eastcape or take a leisurely stroll along the beach in either direction for several kilometers. There’s safe swimming and good fishing.

Opotiki Beach



The seaside town of Opotiki (5km) is our closest service center and will cater for all your needs. Being a farming and horticultural area there is usually plenty of casual work. Contact us for seasonal kiwi fruit work and we offer weekly accomodation rates. Opotiki has a very attractive and testing Par 70 golf course with great views over the town and the ocean only 4 km from here. Visitors are always welcome. Read More...